Land Investor (individual) In today’s market … this should be an individual (in our opinion) that has available “cash” that is not needed to fund every day living expenses.  In other words “don’t take the grocery money and go to Vegas”.  We believe that the “right” land tract (small or large) can be one of the safest investments in today’s market.  When investing in land its important to study growth patterns, traffic flow, zoning (if in the City), surrounding property, etc. History has shown that if you do your home work and make decisions based on the accuracy of that information you should expect to double or triple your initial investment.  The “right” property and “time frame” are the key elements in obtaining this type of return on your initial investment. 
​Use Common Sense Evaluation … if it doesn’t make sense to you then don’t invest in it.
User/Investor (individual): 
In addition to the  "end user" information … The "user/investor" is looking to purchase land on which to build and/or an existing building to operate their business.  You build or buy more than you need with the intent to lease the remaining portion to off-set the expense of your investment. 
Normally, conventional lending institutions favor this arrangement for many reasons and are receptive in wanting to assist you.

our objective is ...

Land Buyers For Personal Use (non-commercial): 
This ranges from small to large tracts of acreage for a homesite, horses, recreational or etc.  Even if you're outside the City Limits there are still rules to follow.  Cities have certain jurisdiction over land in their ETJ (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction) even though it's outside their City Limits.  Beyond the ETJ the County makes the rules that you must abide by.  Everyone has rules … understand them before you buy. see if we can help you. We don’t want to waste your time any more than we want to waste ours.  For that reason we ask questions in order to better understand what you're looking for … and to see if it reflects the reality of our area in regard to land or other commercial properties.  If it’s something that we feel that we can help you with … we tell you … if not … we explain why. 
​Someone once said, “if I do something right for you …you might tell someone … but, if I do something wrong, you will tell everyone".  Common Sense prevails once again.

which type of buyer are you?

End User (individual)
Before you purchase land within a City … it is important to understand that the “bat and ball” belong to the City … therefore we must play by their rules.  The City will have different requirements for different types of businesses … examples: zoning, parking, building size, materials used, landscape … all of these could vary based on the nature of your business.  And it's for this reason, we ask questions.
Don’t be guilty of buying the wrong land … to later find out that it won’t work for your intended purpose.