our objective is ...

Thinking About Leasing? ...

...to see if we can help you. We don’t want to waste your time any more than we want to waste ours.  For that reason we ask questions in order to better understand what you're looking for … and to see if it reflects the reality of our area in regard to land or other commercial properties.  If it’s something that we feel that we can help you with … we tell you … if not … we explain why. 
​Someone once said, “if I do something right for you …you might tell someone … but, if I do something wrong, you will tell everyone".  Common Sense prevails once again.

Triple NNN ?  Gross ? Modified Gross? CAM charges? Tenant’s responsibility or Landlord’s? Understanding the language, terms and conditions as it relates to a lease location is imperative. We not only help you with the correct information … but we help you with the right questions. 

We do not give legal advice, but we do encourage common sense questions and answers that are understandable. Your budget and type of business provides us the needed information to determine a specific area in which you can operate your business.  You will determine if that location meets your requirements.
Your options will be based on price and zoning.  Location can be critical to your success … and at some point you must make a profit or it becomes an expensive hobby.